About Us


Kings Tailor & Co. makes tailored formal clothing for men,
with specialty in suit-making. We aim to deliver exceptional quality products that are customized to perfectly fit each of our clients. Our founders are passionate and committed about design and quality-driven tailored clothing. More so, they are immensely hands- on every step of the way. Our consultants are experts/professionals of the industry that will help you unlock the perfect clothing for you according to your wants and needs. Our team of tailors, cutters, finishers and presser are meticulous and details-oriented with many years
of experience on their hand. Our materials & clothing mills are top quality products from around the world.

All of these enable us to bring royalty-worth clothing, accessible to our clients.


We, King’s Tailor & Co. are highly committed in delivering excellent quality to our client in all aspects that we do. As a guarantee policy, here are our vows to you based on our deeply engrained values:

  • We vow to always put the highest quality at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that our products and services are delivered at the utmost excellence
  • We vow to put in our best effort in catering for each of our clients’ need to build a strong and lasting relationship
  • We vow to remain transparent and honest regarding all aspects of our products
  • We vow to continuously seek to improve our products and processes through new and innovative ways
  • We vow to constantly equip ourselves with in-depth knowledge and skills necessary, so that we can provide well-informed consultation and the highest standard of production for each of our clients
  • We vow to persist in being experts and always at the forefront of the industry so that we can always be the trusted and reliable partner for our clients, from start to end


Here at Kings Tailor & Co., we are more than just your ordinary tailors. Our core values, beliefs and semi-bespoke method give us an edge and are exactly why we are at the forefront of what we do.
  • Experience and Exclusivity: Each of our clients is entitled to a free consultation stage. Here, clients will be educated on what goes into Kings Tailor & Co. suit. Clients will be able to customize and personalize the products that they want down to the bits.
  • Open and Honest: We are fully transparent about every step of the way; how we do things, our materials and its source, our manufacturer and tailors. Ask and we shall eagerly answer.
  • Quality is our beating heart: We use the best approach to get the best result. We don’t cut corners, time or steps because we believe that our client deserves only and only the best.
  • All-round service: We are with you from start to end, from day one until the day you wear it. Be it consultation, fittings, stylings; we are your trusted partner throughout.
  • Lifetime commission: We understand that our client profile may change as time goes, and at Kings Tailor & Co, we cater to those changes. As long as we are here, any alteration or modification you require in the future will be provided by us.